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Pets at My Property (If Permitted)

Sarah Pewhairangi - Monday, July 23, 2018

If I allow pets on my property, what expectations will be given to the tenant?

If permission is granted to keep a pet on the property we ensure the following criteria and obligations are met:

  1. No additional pet may occupy the property without prior permission.

  1. An additional bond equivalent to one week's rent is collected.

  1. The pet must be removed from the property if it becomes annoying or bothersome to neighbors (after a reasonable warning has been given in writing).

  1. The tenant must be responsible for any damage caused by their pet and remove any rubbish or faeces deposited by the pet.

  1. A condition of the tenancy is that upon vacating the carpets must be professionally cleaned, deodorised & flea treated.

We also record the details of the pet on the agreement, which is then signed by the tenant.

How do I ensure that the pet will not come on the property?

We obligate the tenant to commit in writing that they will not bring the pet inside. However, as we are unable to monitor the property all of the time we cannot guarantee that pet will not come inside the home.

We do look out for any warning signs whilst at the property conducting inspections. However, the only way to ensure that a pet will not come inside the home is to insist ‘No Pets’ right from the start of the tenancy.