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Tenancy Agreements

Sarah Pewhairangi - Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Tenancy Agreements

What do you explain to the tenant/s before they move into the property?

We go through all of the most important expectations. For example, how they must pay their rent on time, where to pay their rent, what we do if they do not pay their rent. We discuss our repairs and maintenance policy, what happens in an emergency repair situation, how often inspections occur and what we look for.  We provide them with a “Tenant Kit” folder which contains all relevant information i.e. Electricity and Telephone provider contact details, who to contact in an emergency. 

What do they sign?

We prepare a Tenancy Agreement covering the details of the tenancy, with terms and conditions.

We explain the main parts of the agreement to the tenant before we get them to sign it. We provide them with a copy of the tenancy agreement and we explain where the bond is lodged and get them to sign the Bond Lodgment Form.

When do they get keys and possession of the property?

After all the forms have been explained and signed, all bond monies and the first payment of rent received.

Commencement inspection is conducted with the tenant/s present, the water meter is read, photos are taken and then we will then we provide them with keys and possession of the property. We also supply them with a copy of the commencement inspection report, which is signed by both parties.