Tenant Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common questions

Can you hold a place before I apply?

No, you must inspect the property to ensure you are 100% happy before applying for the property.

How do you have to be to apply?
  • If you are in New Zealand on a Visa, please ensure you attach a copy to the Application.
  • Complete one Application Form per person. Children may be included on a Parent or Guardian’s Application.
  • Include copies of documents which may help to verify your Application Information provided by you, the more information you provide is better.
  • Provide and attach photocopies of documents required to meet 100 points of identification as the guide shows below. Please note this Agency cannot provide photocopying services.


Submit only one of the following:

▢ Passport
▢ Birth Certificate

▢ Drivers License
▢ Proof of Age Card
▢ Other Photo ID from Government eg Pension Card, Student Card

▢ 2 recent Rent Receipts
▢ 2 recent Pay Advices
▢ Tenancy Ledger

Documents on which your name and current address appear:

▢ Car registration certificate
▢ Bank/Credit Card Statement
▢ Rates Notice
▢ Telephone Account
▢ Electricity Account
▢ Gas Account

  • Please be aware Bond Transfers are NOT an option.
  • Incomplete Applications cannot be processed.
  • If you require assistance to complete the form, please ask, as we are here to help.
  • If you would like to refer to our Privacy Policy, please ask for a copy or view on our website.

Agency Process
As your Application is a high priority, we will endeavor to have an answer to you within 24 hours, but will advise you if it will be longer due to delays in reaching your contacts.

Information verification by our Agency
To verify your Application information, we contact Tenancy Databases eg TICA, NTD and TRA. If you have had a problem with a previous Tenancy, please discuss the circumstances with us. We also contact your Employer/HR Manager, current and previous Agent/Landlord and personal referees for the purpose of verifying information supplied to support your Application for tenancy.

If Application is not accepted
If your Application is not accepted by the Landlord, it will be retained for 1 month for your collection or if uncollected by you it will be destroyed securely to comply with Privacy Legislation. The Landlord is not required to provide a reason.

Monies Required
When approved for Tenancy, the successful Applicant/s are required to pay a Letting Fee plus GST payable to Property Management Specialists, one weeks rent and bond equal to 4 weeks rent which is lodged and held by the Department of Building and Housing until the end of your tenancy. To secure the premises and prior to receiving the keys for the property this must be paid 24 hours after approval.

Rent payment method options
Direct Debit or a Bank Cheque is accepted as rent payment methods. Dishonour fees are estimated to be $50. CASH IS NOT AN OPTION as it exposes a security risk.

How do I pay rent?

Direct debit is the preferred method of rent payment. We do not accept cash as this poses a security risk for our staff. We will accept a bank cheque payable to Property Management Specialists however personal cheques are not accepted.

What is a Letting Fee?

Under the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2010 Property Managers are permitted to charge a letting fee which covers the administration at the beginning of each tenancy.

Does the rent include GST?

GST is not payable on residential rental only on Commercial Rent and the Let Fee.

Can my property be sold?

Yes, you must be given written notice of this. If the property is sold and you have a Fixed Term lease the landlord must wait until your lease expiry. If you have a Periodic tenancy and the purchaser wishes to occupy the premises you must be given 42 days written notice. If the landlord wants vacant possession then you are entitled to 90 days’ notice.

Do I need insurance?

Its strongly recommended you obtain contents insurance with liability cover which will cover you for accidental damage to the rental property. This will also cover you in the event of a fire or flood as the landlords’ property insurance will not cover your personal belongings.

What happens if I lock myself out of my property?

During business you can arrange to pick up a key from Property Management Specialists, you will be expected to return this key the same day. If outside of our operating hours, you will be required to organize a locksmith at your own cost.

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